Parent's Digital Playbook For Purity

By: Proven Ministries
Digital Defense For Families

About The playBook

We built this family resource exclusively for parents who want to be proactive in the area of sexual integrity. Over the last five years we sat down with pastors, professionals, researchers, and, well, parents to learn as much as we could so that we could provide you with the best resource possible.

This Parent’s Digital Playbook for Purity is designed to be an action guide, with an emphasis on purity, that you can implement within your family. It is important for parents to regularly process the digital health of their children. In today’s age technology can provide tremendous value to our lives however it can also cause intense trauma if not handled responsibly. This playbook will be a tool you can print out and put on your fridge as you and your whole family strive together towards digital integrity. 


Parent's Digital Playbook for Purity

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As technology continues to advance, so too will it become more common, more accessible, and more easily used for questionable means. It is imperative to understand what we can do as parents to maintain the integrity of innocence by keeping up with that technology, what our children use it for, and how we can best regulate them for both their sakes and ours.


About the Ministry

Proven Ministries

Our vision is to see a revival of sexual integrity throughout the entire Bride of Christ. We strive to see a world where freedom can be had by all. To that end we have been equipping and caring for individuals, families, churches and organizations for 20 years. We provide support to Men, Women, Wives, and Families as they struggle through hurt and brokenness. And we offer training for churches and individuals so that they are equipped to love their community well.

We invite you to join with us as we press forward as Protectors in our communities!

Parent's Digital Playbook

For Purity and Digital Health
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