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This is War 2019_Clearwater, FL


Day of tickets will be $55 so be sure to register early!

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800-900| Check-IN
900-915| Welcome
915-930| Prayer
930-1100| Morning Worship
1100-1200| Morning Group Breakout Session
1200-1400| Lunch 
1400-1415pm| Prayer
1415- 1545pm| Afternoon Worship 
1545-1600| Afternoon Group Breakout Session
1600-1645| Go, Lead, Give
1645-1700| High fives and big goodbyes
Feather Sound Church
13880 Feather Sound Dr.Clearwater, FL 33762 


Josh Gilman

Director of Strength to Fight

Josh is the Director of Strength to Fight which is an organization dedicated to a porn-free Canada, and to providing resources to help those battling the harmful effects of pornography. Luckily, he's willing to travel to the states as well!



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