Our Vision.

To see a revival of sexual integrity throughout the entire Bride of Christ!

Our Mission. 

We partner with individuals, families, churches, and organization to empower every follower of Jesus with sexual purity through the development and implementation of discipleship resources.

Transformational resources for:


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Proven way of life

Passionate for God

Repentant in spirit

Open and honest

Victorious in living

Eternal in perspective

Networked with other godly people

How does your donation support Proven Ministries? That’s an excellent question. We have a video that explains just how Proven impacts individuals, couples, families, churches, and eventually, our culture. Watch now to learn about how we plan to change the world.

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Proven groups create a domino effect as each leader has the opportunity to train more individuals to then lead. Through this, a single church can reach so many individuals, couples, and families. Imagine the impact that this shift toward sexual integrity could have on our culture. If you believe in our mission, be sure to make a generous donation because we rely almost exclusively upon donations.

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Our comprehensive studies address the root of the issue, the process of breaking free, and how to deal with temptation and setbacks without shaming or guilting. Personal accountability, encouragement, and biblical truth are vital. Proven is not a bandaid, it is heart surgery. But with the help of a like-minded support network and the truth of God’s word, freedom is possible!

The best part is we have created a companion leader’s guide to the studies so that any person with a passion or burden to help others can lead a group! As you work through the study and experience community, an internal change will begin to take place and freedom is found!

Until the King returns and freedom is had by all!


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