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Anyone Can Be a Leader

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I am a student

I’m a college student. I started a Proven Men study with other brothers on my hall so we could be open and honest.

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I am an average guy

Proven Men equipped me both to live in freedom and help my brothers in Christ. Joel, Mark and other brothers have shared their stories to encourage recovery. Now, I do the same.

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I am a Pastor

Leading a congregation toward sexual purity can be a challenge. Proven Men lifted that burden and helped transform lives.

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The Proven Men Study

Equip, Empower, Educate

Whether you are currently dealing with an addiction to porn or are simply passionate about seeing other brother’s find freedom, the Proven Men study is for you. It will produce growth and keep you on the Proven path.

Proven Men is a group study that has been empowering men of all kinds to find freedom from porn or sex addiction. With our new web-based Leader’s training, you will be ready to lead a group within days.