Foster the culture of sexual integrity

you’ve always wanted to see

Only 7% of Churches say they have a program in place to combat pornography. Over 97% of Christian men have viewed pornography, and 37% of these men watch several times a week. Maybe you have addressed this issue in the past but it seems to be a problem that is unbeatable. Maybe, you have tried program after program with minimal impact in the long run. It’s time to face the reality that programs don’t work. In order to see freedom, it’s going to take a partnership.  

By partnering with Proven you will create authentic discipleship in men’s ministry while having the support of a ministry that is striving to make your life easier. Our mission is to develop and implement sexual integrity resources in an effective way in your ministry. Our vision is to see a revival of sexual integrity among the entire Bride of Christ. That vision includes YOUR MINISTRY. 


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How Do I Get Started?

Proven Men groups are easy to start because, we help you set it up. No matter your role in the church, you can help bring the study to your congregation.


The good news is that you, as a pastor, don’t need to lead a group or even counsel every man in your church.

Your primary role as a pastor is to empower men in your church – whether on leadership or not – to start Proven Men groups using our turnkey solutions. Our guides and training materials are so comprehensive that there is little restriction on who can be a leader. Whether a man is experiencing victory in stages or has been free for 20 years, we equip them to help others fight sexual sin.

Two pastoral actions facilitate this:

1.Create an open and honest culture where sexual integrity is discussed.

  1. 2. Put into place safe men that will walk alongside those that struggle.

We specially created a comprehensive Leader’s Guide to help your leaders get started. Our Guide is designed so that anyone with a heart or burden for helping men experience victory can lead. It walks you step-by-step through every part of the process including

  • How to make the decision to lead
  • Selecting group members
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Guiding  discussions during meetings

It only takes one man to have an eternal impact. If you have struggled (or are struggling) with a pornography addiction, you know first hand how much of a hold it can have on someone’s life.  You don’t have to be pastor or scholar, and you don’t have to be perfect to be a leader. You just have to have a heart that is willing to be used by God. If you can read a book and push play on a video – you can be a Proven Men leader.

Either of our Leader’s Guides, one-on-one or group, contain all of the information needed for men to work together towards victory.


Grab a study and a couple of men to get started – we’ll provide everything you need.

The Proven Path to Sexual Integrity

The Proven Path to sexual integrity is more than just a program. It’s a journey to lasting freedom.

How to Become a Proven Church

There are men in your church that hurting, lonely, and being controlled by sin. Will you help your church become a Proven Church?

Encourage Sexual Purity in the Church

The church can build up its body and grow in holiness together by pursuing sexual integrity informed by Biblical truths.