Are you struggling to fight against Sexual bondage?

Are you struggling with pornography,  masturbation, or sexual addiction? Perhaps you are fighting against every sexual temptation coming your way. But you’re not alone in this fight! We’ve been there too and there is hope in Christ. We encourage you to find a friend to do the study with you and focus on the truth of Isaiah 42:10, “It is time to stop relying on your own strength. It is time to rely upon the strength of the Lord.” There is hope!



Addiction accountability:

It’s your responsibility to engage with a “network partner” for both accountability and encouragement. Victory will escape you until you do! Start with a friend or trusted person from church, and then each of you work through our study along with weekly meetings using our guide for two men. If you simply cannot locate someone, you might join an online group, such as RTRIBE. (This app allows you to fight sexual addiction through technology and other tribe members/friends. They can even assign you a tribe if you don’t have one. Their mission, to use technology to fight pornography addiction, fosters community and inspires recovery. Check them out and get your tribe going today!)

Did You KNow?

Approximately two-thirds (64%) of U.S. men view pornography at least monthly