We know that change takes more than reading a book or an article, it requires a heart-shift. We’ve selected some key articles to equip and encourage you in the fight for sexual integrity. You need to understand where the fight is in order to be victorious. But, as you browse these articles, keep asking God to give you wisdom, courage and strength to become a Proven Man.  

Why accountability is key to breaking and remaining free

One of the biggest reasons why men are stuck in bondage to porn or sex addiction is that they skip accountability. They incorrectly think that they can win on their own. They wear themselves out by focusing all their energy on tightening up boundaries, staying busy, or following rules. But these things do nothing to address a heart change or tackle root issues. The proven path requires community, which we refer to as “network partners.” To break and remain free, you need both the accountability and encouragement of a fellow Proven Man. The attached article explains more about the need for a network partner. It’s time that you join the Proven Men movement by doing whatever it takes to find and journey with a fellow Proven Men


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What about Masturbation?

What about masturbation? Is it right or wrong? Does it affect my marriage or future marriage? You might be surprised at some of the ways it affects your relationships, both with God and with a partner. There are so many articles out there that simply condone or condemn masturbation. The attached article lays out the biblical principles to help you decide for yourself whether masturbation is healthy or potentially damaging to your relationships, whether you are single or married. 


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