Proven Wives Devotional

By: Brianna Edwards
A Roadmap For Restoration
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About The Book

This is an 8-week devotional that walks you through the betrayal trauma, the grief, and the anger of discovering your husband’s unfaithfulness — either digitally or physically. In this study, Brianna Edwards walks through her own story of betrayal trauma as you journey through yours and helps you to see Jesus in the midst of your pain. Brianna journeyed through pain and anger and saw Jesus in those dark spaces. In this study, she helps you to see Jesus in the midst of your own dark moments and find light in your dark night. Each day is interactive, filled with stories, reflection, processing, and Scripture. There is no easy answer or fix when it comes to real hurt, but we can journey toward something better together. Foreward written by Shaunti Feldhahn.


Proven Wives Devotional

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His struggles become ours, don’t they? We love the man in our life so much—and yet our heart may be deeply bruised or broken; collateral damage in his battle with sexual temptation. Or we watch our husband tearfully wrestling to overcome a visual pattern that began in middle school, and we feel compassion even as we feel confused about why the struggle even exists. Or maybe we deal with intense anger or betrayal after uncovering an addiction he had hidden for years.


About the Author

Brianna Edwards

Brianna Edwards has been married for over twenty years and is the mother of two teenagers. She discovered her husband’s unfaithfulness years into her marriage, and it took years to rebuild that marriage. Today, she runs her own small business from home and is actively involved in her local church, as she counsels and mentors women of all ages.

Introduction from the author snippet: This study is long overdue. I sit across from countless women who have been hurt by the revelation that their husband, fiancé, or boyfriend is trapped in sexual sin. I have watched the tears fall as they explain the pain and frustration they are experiencing. Every woman’s story is unique, but the feelings are so often the same. It’s natural to question love, to feel the insecurity, to doubt, and to be angry.

This study was birthed from the angst of the stories I’ve heard; stories like yours, stories like mine. On a cold Sunday morning, my husband admitted to having a decade long struggle with pornography. My world was shattered, and I didn’t know where to turn. If I confided in a friend, I felt that I would be throwing my husband “under the bus.” I certainly couldn’t tell my parents. Where could I go to seek relief for my aching heart? Betrayal trauma is real and this devotional can help!

Proven Wives Devotional

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Your guide on this journey, Brianna Edwards, has walked a similar road with her husband - and now with many other wives. She shares your heartache, but also the great hope of having seen so many marriages restored.

Shaunti Feldhahn

Best selling author of "For Women Only" & "For Men Only"

This study is a labor of love that will direct you to the heart of God as He heals and revives the things in your life that are broken. May Jesus ignite within you great purpose to preserve and protect your marriage as you find His beauty even in the desert.

Lauren McQuillan

A Proven Wife

This study fully embodies the quote "united we stand divided we fall." It is for any wife who is searching for answers while she supports her husband through his sexual struggles. It shows her how to find her significance and strength as they both take steps towards restoration.

Norica Vernon

Army Chaplain