Free Encouragement Video Series

We’re all hurting and in need of direction, especially when it comes to sexual brokenness. Finding healing or helping others find healing often feels like a fantasy because of the shame-filled lies that lead us to believe “it will always be this way.” But, somewhere deep inside of you, there’s a hope-filled voice that speaks truth to that lie: There is a way out of sexual brokenness. The Free Encouragement Video Series is an excellent place to start learning what it looks like to center yourself more fully within that truth.

Maybe you feel stuck in sexual brokenness, and you need some direction so you can take a step forward. Click: I’m struggling.

Maybe you know what it’s like to feel stuck, and you want to help show others the way forward. Click: I want to lead.

Some of the topics we discuss in this series are:

  • Why accountability is important
  • Scripture and sexual integrity
  • Knowing your story and finding Jesus within it
  • Centering yourself in the Christian story
  • Getting clear direction moving forward


We are honored, willing, and delighted to help. You will love this free video encouragement series.

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