Marriage Bundle


For the husband and wife who are wanting to work together toward his sexual integrity

Sold separately at $39.95 each.

Get $5 in savings for bundling Proven Men and Proven Wives! 

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This bundle includes: 
Proven Men’s 12 week Workbook Study

Proven Men’s 12-week workbook study is a daily devotional that is done best in a one on one or a group setting. This study is based off two principles. First, freedom is found through and intimate and consistent relationship with Christ. You will be guided through daily scripture reading and memorization, prayer, journaling, and what we call Heartwork. Heartwork is basically self-reflection in the presence of God. Our Second principle is based on James 5:16: “you must confess your sins and pray with one another, so that you may be healed”. Being a part of a group is vital in this walk for freedom! 

Proven Wives Daily Devotional

The Proven Wive’s Study’s subtitle is “A Roadmap to Restoration” and it could not be more accurate. The Proven Wives Study is an independent 6-week daily devotional to walk a wife, struggling with her husbands battle for sexual integrity. We know this process is not easy for anyone, and we wanted to help. This study walks through identity and purpose in a way that is challenging and centering. 


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