Proven Wives Devotional


This eight-week daily devotional is for the woman who wants to better understand her man’s difficulties within sexual integrity, whether they be occasional temptations or habitual struggles. Developed at the persistent request over many years by countless women in our ministry’s network, Proven Wives ensures her ability to reorient to the problem and re-engage in her relationship. Every man is assaulted on a daily basis by the widespread over-sexualization of our entire surrounding culture. Proven Wives helps her become the woman of valor at his side… rather than feeling like the stranger – or enemy – in his shadow.

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Proven Wives Devotional – Forward by Shaunti Feldhahn

Forward snippet:

“Love is the greatest gift each of us can offer.” 

His struggles become ours, don’t they? We love the man in our life so much—and yet our heart may be deeply bruised or broken; collateral damage in his battle with sexual temptation. Or we watch our husband tearfully wrestling to overcome a visual pattern that began in middle school, and we feel compassion even as we feel confused about why the struggle even exists. Or maybe we deal with intense anger or betrayal after uncovering an addiction he had hidden for years. Does any of this sound like your story? If so, there is hope…

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