Weekly One-On-One Package


This is the all-inclusive package. Everything you need to establish the best possible scenario for achieving sexual integrity is right here. Transformation always requires curriculum and community in tandem. We have the resources. All you need is one other man to walk alongside you throughout the study. Whether that be a brother, friend, colleague, or pastoral figure – any trustworthy relationship is totally sufficient for the process.
Includes 2 copies of Proven Path, 2 copies of the Workbook Study & one Weekly Guide.

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The Workbook Study is our flagship resource for men. Twelve weeks of intense, intentional, relational engagement radically overhauls every man’s sense of his own sexual integrity. Whenever he commits, it always works.

Proven Path deep dives into the story of our founder, Joel Hesch. You might feel like he’s reading your mail as you embark on the journey with him!

The Weekly Guide facilitates the weekly appointments for two men walking through the Workbook Study together.

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Additional information

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