Not on your own strength

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It is time to stop relying upon your own strength. It is time to rely upon the strength of the Lord. Isaiah 41:10

Nearly one half of all men struggle with pornography and lust. 

It can easily consume hours of your day.  You’ve tried to quit.  You say you can stop whenever you want.  But the urge is always there.  You can’t do this on your own. 


Looking for help with a porn addiction or sex addiction? The six aspects of a PROVEN life will liberate you from the dungeons of pornography or struggles with sexual addictions.  Our book, A Proven Path to Sexual Integrity; Help with Pornography, Masturbation or Sex Addiction from a Biblical Perspective, outlines and explains the root causes to show you the battle line, and you will be transformed during our 12-week bible-based self-study system called Proven Men: The 12-Week Study to a Proven Path to Sexual Integrity.

Working through the Study and combined with either a Proven Men network partner or joining a small Proven Men support group, you can win your personal battle and live a life of freedom from porn or sex addiction. But don’t cut the process short or rely in your own strength.

It’s time to rely upon the Lord.  He wants to deem you PROVEN.

  • Passionate for God
  • Repentant in Spirit
  • Open and honest
  • Victorious in living
  • Eternal in focus
  • Networking with others


Read Find Answers, The Cause and The Cure  over porn addiction or sex addiction. Then, when you are ready, commit to working through our 12 week daily study.